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Morgan S.

Knock knees, chronic shoulder & neck tightness

Jesika U.

Dowager's hump, back pain, ankle sprains

Sheriden P.

Chronic Lower Back Pain
I have had lower back pain for at least the last 6-7 years and would even throw it out about once a year. I’ve tried just about everything to help it and out of everything, I’ve never had results like this. After only a month I feel really good and my pain is rarely there and continues to improve (something I thought wasn’t possible). I feel like I have my life and mobility back. Rachel is awesome and fun to work with; she also listens and really customizes the exercises to each person. Legit the best decision I ever made and I’m so grateful for the help!

Caitlyn E.

Scoliosis, chronic back pain and spasms, knee pain, ankle sprains
Working with Rachel was the first time a professional took the time to listen to me about ALL the issues I have going on with my body. She helped me figure out that they are all connected and can be corrected with simple movements. The exercises she gives you are accessible and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. I learned so much and felt better after even just one session!

Kristen B.

Chronic IT Band issues and knee pain
I came to see Rachel to get some help with a chronic IT band injury that's been keeping me from running. I was so happy with the level of care she took to listen to my concerns, identify areas of misalignment AND teach me what she was seeing. She crafted a plan specific to my needs taking into consideration my ability to actually perform the exercises without overwhelming me with too many exercises. So pleased!!
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