Monday July 27th @ 5:00pm (PDT)


Live Posture Alignment Class

Monday July 27th

5:00pm (PDT)

This class will be about 50 minutes with 10 mins available at the end to ask any questions.


I will be leading you through a gentle flow of posture realigning exercises and stretches to bring your load bearing joints (ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders) back to a more functional position! These exercises come from the Egoscue Method (a method that has truly changed my life!). This routine is made for a group and is NOT going to be specifically catered to your body/posture/limitations. Please listen to your body as we go through this class together and do what is best for you, never push through pain.

I normally start off the class asking each individual how they are doing and what they are struggling with so I can get an idea of what is going on with the people in the class. You are welcome to have your camera on if you would like me to see you and give recommendations, or you can have it off.



  • Some floor space and the ability to lay down on the floor (maybe a mat or a towel so you don’t get cold)
  • A wall you can lean on (hopefully without pictures on it)
  • A yoga block or thick pillow (something dense, about 6″ wide)
  • A yoga stap, belt, or something you can tie around your legs that gives resistance (but not a resistance band, those are too stretchy)
  • A chair
  • A standard bath towel

*Note: We will not always use all equipment in every class


  • Precise Posture disclaims any liability or loss in connection with the theories and practices offered in these online posture classes.
  • Not all exercises and variations are appropriate for all people. It is your responsibility to know your own body and its limitations and to choose suitable positions. DO NOT PUSH THROUGH ANY PAIN.
  • Please consult your GP before attempting this or any other exercise program.
  • If you suffer considerable pain, I strongly recommend a 1-on-1 appointment (also on video call) before partaking in group classes.
  • These classes are meant to get you up and moving. If you want personalized care to change your posture, please book a 1-on-1 appointment.


Can’t wait to “see” you in class!

Rachel Marek


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